Why use my tool?

When I was an Irish Leaving cert student it was frustrating and time-consuming to calculate an ideal grade requirement to reach a CAO points target.

So I created this tool.

The tool quickly outputs the lowest grade you can get in a number of subjects that will give you enough points for a certain course.

The tool saves time as it may be time-consuming to calculate a grade combination that you are comfortable with.

For example, imagine trying to find easy ways to score 400 CAO points with 4 higher level and 2 ordinary level subjects. The amount of trial and error needed would frustrate anyone.

The tool is also completely FREE to use and doesn't retain any of the user's inputted information.

TLDR; The tool saves student's time, stress, and money.

Meet the Founder


Emmanuel Koledoye


I'm a 2nd year software development student. I make projects about things that I want to improve or interest me.